What’s In Your Air?

Public health awareness on indoor air pollution has lagged behind that on outdoor air pollution. With the average person now spending more than 90% of their time indoors, it is increasingly important that we address these issues.


Your air is a complex mixture of gases. It’s primarily Nitrogen and Oxygen (a whopping 99%), but we’re interested in that other 1%. What you’ll find in there varies from the widely known carbon dioxide, to particles that are 50x smaller than a strand of hair.

Here’s a few useful pages to explain what’s in your air, and why it’s important that you know.

 English houses

 Crumpled Radioactive Signs  city ​​car traffic jams night lights  gas cooker
Particles Radon Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Dioxide
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 Coffee and the fresh newspaper - morning of the businessman  Petrochemical and gas plant  Smog  Pig farm
VOCs Carbon Dioxide Ozone Ammonia
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