What We Do

We believe that understanding your indoor air quality is a holistic enterprise. That’s why we measure all of your pollutants, not just one. We offer an affordable, integrated solution, that utilises state-of-the-art testing equipment.


We summarise your indoor air pollution levels and provide you with a comprehensive, personal report that covers your air quality benchmarked to our database, as well as recommendations for any necessary improvements. All reports are supplied confidentially, and the data is treated with anonymity in the national database.

By building a library of pollutant data, we can make informed choices to improve air quality. Data can be shown to policy makers to protect public health from adverse effects of indoor exposure to air pollution, and to eliminate or reduce to a minimum exposure to those pollutants that are known or are likely to be hazardous.

Problems of indoor air quality are recognised as important risk factors for human health. Indoor air is also important because people spend a substantial proportion of their time in buildings. In residences, day-care centres, retirement homes and other special environments, indoor air pollution affects population groups that are particularly vulnerable owing to their heath status or age.

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